Kaş 361 Hakkında

About Kas361

Kas361 is an enjoyable and challenging open water swimming race for all. Swimmers may choose a suitable distance from one of three courses - 1km, 3km, or 6km.

Where: Kaş Harbour (Kaş/ANTALYA)

When: 10 Oct 2015, Saturday

For Whom: Kaş361 offers courses for all, from beginners to advanced.

For those who are new to open water swimming, the 1km course is close to shore and in clear water where you can see the bottom. It is a short and enjoyable test of real open water.

For those who've been training in the pool, but getting a bit bored with swimming distance between the walls, the 3km course will set you free.

For those with open water experience, ready to swim the distance over the deep blue with a stunning mountain backdrop, the 6km course is just for you.

Categories: Swimmers will participate in one of three distance options: 1km, 3km and 6km. For more detailed information, take a look at the courses.

Rules & Conditions: You can find the general rules of participation in the courses section or for a more detailed information, you can take a look at General Rules section. .