Kaş 361 Organization Team

MCR RaceSetter, is a Macera Akademisi company that works on professional race organization/administration and sports oriented marketing/field work areas.

MCR RaceSetter, is the oldest and most active organizational company of Turkey in orienteering, adventure and endurance sports. We organize various track races since 2011. We are experienced in path, ultra marathon, track and mud hurdle races.

We have participated in more than 60 races, of which more than 45 of them are its own brand organizations since 2004.

Inspiration and strength of MCR RaceSetter comes from its history in sports. Its managers and workers are all active sportspeople. They continue racing domestically and internationally in many disciplines of running, cycling, orienteering and triathlon. They also serve as managers and spokespeople in international umbrella organizations.

Kaş361 Open Water Swimming Races take place with race coordinator Levent Topçu and Kaş coordinator Bahar Türkbey’s support.

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